How the MONKS Motorcycle club had its start.
In the late 50’s and early 60’s there was a group of bikers that hung out with a club called the TIKIS. They were out of the San Gabriel Valley in California. They went on runs, rode hard and partied with the TIKIS. After one run into Death Valley in 1963 the group decided to form their own club. It would be known as the Brotherhood of MONKS. The patch design would be an oval with a Monk in it and MONKS below it. MONKS M.C. had begun.   
The Monks were one of the first clubs to switch to a black leather vest for their colors. At the time the police were washing and ruining the cut offs every time they arrested a biker so the clubs switched to leather. The term “church” was popularized early on by the Monks and many other clubs.  
Mystery has always surrounded the Monks…as it does now. A Monk can be found where you see him. Monks historically do not claim any territory, except where we ride, walk and live. A Monk respects his Brotherhood, his bike, his family and his lady!
The runs and parties that the Monks have are by invitation only. The party’s are notorious and a good time for all. The runs have been all over California, up to Canada, over to Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Louisiana and points in between. Pick a river and we have most likely been there.
If you want to party or ride with us you must be invited. Respect a Monk and he will respect you. Any disrespect is dealt with swiftly. If you have to ask… the lifestyle is not for you.

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